Steve Jobs

“Do you want to sell sugar water for the rest of your life, or do you want to come with me and change the world?”

What Steve Jobs said to Pepsi executive John Sculley to lure him to Apple. Sculley mentions it in the documentary Bloomberg Game Changers: Steve Jobs.


And he did it.

He changed the way movies are made, the way music is sold, the way stories are told, the very way we interact with the world around us. He helped us work, and gave us new ways to play. He was a myth made man
. – Gizmodo

I have yet to own an Apple product. But I will. Soon.

I am a fan all the same of Steve Jobs. Particularly his willingness in business to kill his darlings. He is a man who learned to control and be the cause of the social disruptions in his industry (and others). He did not rest on what he had done but focused on what he was going to do next.


Jobs constantly strove to be the force of disruptive change that would make the Steve Jobs of six months ago irrelevant.Fast Company


Owner of Apple products or not; for anyone reading this, Steve Jobs has in some manner impacted your life.


It takes courage to make a product so simple that a child can use it.Fast Company


Steve Jobs, 56, died peacefully today surrounded by his family.